It is well known that those have been there believe that once you have been in the fuel industry you will struggle to ever leave it. Why you may ask?  It must have something to do with the exhilarating everyday norms of the industry. Definitely an industry like no other – every day is completely different to the next, with things changing all the time. It is the world of challenge and the world of opportunity for any individual.

At Sebokeng Fuels you will have the opportunity to experience this world of fuel without having to suit up and go the corporate route. Being a well-established company – yet one strongly set on growth – we can offer you the opportunity of hands on experience, introducing you to the best that the industry has to offer, while giving you the opportunity to grow with us.

At Sebokeng Fuels we strive to build a team of hard working, dedicated and aspirational individuals. We are a hands on company who is all about getting the job done, and getting it done to the best of our ability as a team. Onwards and Upwards, every day!

If you think this type of fast-paced industry appeals to you, and you feel that you are a suitable fit for our dynamic company, then contact us and send your CV to

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Sebokeng Fuels