Shell Diesel Extra

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Shell Diesel Extra is designed to help you get more kilometres per tank by helping to keep your vehicle engine in peak condition.

Your vehicles, our fuel: a winning partnership
In the transport business, where vehicles and associated costs are such a high proportion of overall spend, it is imperative to keep vehicles and their engines in peak condition for as long as possible.
When heavy-duty diesel engines get older, carbon deposists in the engine can lead to increased fuel consumption, higher emissions and fall-off in performance.
Shell has developed Shell Diesel Extra to help transport companies save fuel, help their engines operate more efficiently and help lower their fleet’s fuel related carbon footprint.

Designed to avoid rising fuel consumption, Shell Diesel Extra is specially formulated to deliver fuel savings of up to 3%** over the lifetime of your vehicles. It uses Shell’s advanced fuel technology, which has been designed to improve engine efficiency by preventing the build up of deposits in injector nozzles.
The result can be lower fuel bills and improved operating efficiency for your business!

Help with reducing fuel related emissions
Increasingly strict environmental policies and regulations mean a focused effort on reducing carbon emissions across many industries. With heavy-duty diesel engines, there is a risk of higher CO2 emissions and greater black smoke emissions as engines begin to lose their original operating efficiency when the miles pile on. Shell Diesel Extra helps improve combustion and fuel efficiency, which can in turn reduce CO2 emissions and smoke from your vehicles.

Maximising the return on your business investment
As your vehicles are a big investment for you, naturally you want to maximise the return on them and extend the lifetime of your fleet. Over time and with high mileage operations, deposits can build up on the injectors, adversely affecting spray pattern and also the combustion process.
Shell Diesel Extra can help improve the cleanliness of your engines’ fuel injection system, helping your engines burn fuel more efficiently. This in turn can help lower maintenance costs. What’s more, refuelling can be quicker than with regular diesel too. Designed to reduce foaming when refuelling, Shell Diesel Extra can help take away the frustration of a long, interrupted refuelling, reducing downtime and putting your vehicles back into operation faster.

Shell Diesel Extra can help you to:
Avoid rising fuel consumption
Reduce fall-off in engine performance
Prevent fuel system corrosion
Reduce foaming when refuelling
Lower CO2 emissions and smoke

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