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If you want to get the best performance from your car, our new formulation of Shell V-Power fuel has been designed to help you do just that, whatever car you drive.
Shell V-Power fuels have been impressing motorists for more than ten years now. But at Shell, we don’t stand still and our passion for giving motorists more has driven us to develop a new, improved formulation for this high performance fuel. New Shell V-Power features Instant Response Technology, tested on the track by the Ferrari Formula One team, which helps to release more power from your engine. More than ever, Shell V-Power is now formulated to offer improved performance for all types
of cars.

The new formulation of Shell V-Power has been developed by the same Shell scientists who work on Ferrari Formula One race fuels.

Shell V-Power: New formulation for powerful cleaning
New formulation Shell V-Power contains powerful cleaning agents, designed to prevent the formation of power-robbing deposits that can impact on the responsiveness and efficiency of your engine.
Shell V-Power is formulated to help remove existing deposits that other fuels may have left behind, which can help new engines run smoothly for longer, and can help rejuvenate older engines – whatever car you drive.

Improve Efficiency: Designed to combust more effectively and reduce friction to help deliver more power

Shell V-Power’s unique Instant Response Technology is designed to create a molecular film that helps reduce friction in the engine. If friction is reduced, then more of the fuel’s energy is available to power the vehicle, helping to improve performance from the fi rst fi ll. The improved new formulation of Shell V-Power is also formulated to combust more effectively to release more power from your engine, from the first fill.

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