Value Offering

Growth is an integral part of good business.  We therefore base our value offering on assisting you to grow your business and to be as supportive as possible in this regard. We are proud to offer the following added value benefits as your monthly fuel volumes increase with us over time:

Bulk Fuel Deliveries:

Basic services offered to all customers of Sebokeng Fuels purchasing between 40 000 litres to 200 000 litres of fuel per month:

  • Maximum 48hour lead time from order to delivery.
  • Allocated Customer Account Manager to ensure personalised service at all times.
  • Installation of tanks and pumps as required at site on a deposit basis. General maintenance of all assets by Sebokeng Fuels on an ongoing basis.
  • Assistance from our Health and Safety Manager regarding the Health and Safety Management of your site.
  • Security of supply based on our Branded Distributor Status with Shell South Africa.

Value added services in addition to the above. Applicable to customers purchasing volumes between 200 000 litres and 2 000 000 litres per month:

  • Access to a Shell Product Specialist Technician should technical training or assistance be required.
  • Guaranteed deliveries of your designated load on your designated days as per your requirements.
  • Priority notification and order placement in accordance with the monthly industry price changes.
  • Priority supply in the event that there are country-wide supply issues and rationing is required.

Value added services in addition to the above. Applicable to customers purchasing volumes above 2 000 000 litres per month:

  • Designated trucks and drivers allocated to your site for your deliveries.
  • Only A-grade drivers (as per our driver management system) will deliver to your site.

What makes Sebokeng Fuels different?

1. Personalised and excellent Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is key to us achieving our daily goals. With over 30 years in the industry as a premium Shell Distributor, we understand our customers’ needs. We strive to not only be your fuel supplier, but to be one of your partners in your business ensuring your success and satisfaction every day.

2. Product Quality

Sebokeng Fuels has been in partnership with Shell for almost 50 years. We chose to partner with Shell as we believe that Shell fuels are the highest quality fuels available in South Africa. Shell is tried, tested and trusted by ourselves and our customers, hence why we only supply 100% Shell Products.

3. Security of Supply

Our status and relationship with Shell as a Shell Branded Distributer ensures that in addition to our own vast storage facilities, we also have priority access to product from Shell even during the most difficult of times.

With our product quality, security of supply, personalised customer service and industry experience our ability to meet your needs is unmatched.

We look forward to partnering with you into the future!

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