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Sebokeng Fuels is a long standing and successful privately owned fuel business in South Africa. The company started out in the energy sector as Vaal Gas Distributors (Pty) Ltd back in 1967. Vaal Gas specialised in the retail sales and distribution of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). Success in the industry led to the formation of a second company in 1991, named Sebokeng Paraffin C.C. The company focused on the distribution of Illuminating Paraffin (IP) to the rural and township areas. Sebokeng Paraffin then expanded its product offerings by including diesel and petrol and the name changed to what we know it as today – Sebokeng Fuels (Pty) Ltd… a licensed South African wholesale.



Shell distributors have been growing in importance to Shell South Africa country wide due to the added value reputable distributors can bring Shell customers by means of their closer proximity to customers, flexible service offering and competitive positioning. As such, Shell introduced the Shell Branded Distributor concept.

Shell created a strigent selection criteria for distributors based on:

  • service levels
  • success in the market place,
  • company reputation
  • ethics and values
  • commitment to transformation
  • stringent HSSE standards
  • environmental consciousness
  • customer-centric business outlook
  • reliable delivery.

Shell then selected only 8 of its distributors country-wide to qualify and partake in the Shell Branded Distributor initiative and have become Shells’ partners in the commercial industry. Shell provides each of its Branded Distributors with:

  • their own dedicated Shell key account manager
  • HSSE support
  • marketing support
  • secure and reliable supply of Shell products
  • a large range of highly differentiated fuel products which are at the forefront of the latest global technological developments
  • comprehensive training courses and seminars



The targeted beneficiary of the Shell Branded Distributor model is you – the customer. We encourage you to take the opportunity to actively participate in the Shell Branded Distributor model and benefit beneficiary of the ground breaking synergies resulting from this industry changing initiative by industry leaders and experience customer satisfaction that can be guaranteed!

As one of Shells partners for more than 35 years and one of Shell’s largest fuel distributors in South Africa for over 15 years, there was little consideration needed when selecting Sebokeng Fuels as one of Shell’s first Branded Distributors.

The fuel industry in South Africa is continuously changing. With products becoming more specialised and prices continuously changing and the markets becoming increasingly competitive we understand that managing the fuel for your business can be a daunting task. Sebokeng Fuels strives to be the solution to your fuel problems and will ensure that your business is never short of fuel. We also have specialist HSSE and fuel technicians available to you at all times, to ensure all your needs are met.

As a non-corporate organisation, Sebokeng Fuels is dynamic and flexible and strives to accommodate and serve the customer in any situation. Sebokeng Fuels is fully committed as a Shell Branded Distributor and guarantees you supply of premium Shell products every day.

“Sebokeng Fuels offers a unique service – 50 years of experience, privately owned and focused on delivering quality service and product. The company has vast experience and knowledge of fuel products making it just as professional as one of the fuel majors whilst offering flexibility, efficiency and personalised service that is unparalleled by any corporate” – Lauren Pelliccia Director

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Sebokeng Fuels