Health and Safety

In the fuel industry health and safety (HSSE) is of utmost importance and Sebokeng Fuels is an industry leader in this regard.

Sebokeng Fuels has repeatedly been awarded the Shell Branded Distributor HSSE of the Year award which is testament to our ongoing commitment to safety. Our greatest achievement in this field to date was achieved in May 2016 when Sebokeng Fuels became the first Shell Branded Distributor globally to successfully complete the Shell Road Transport Pillar Audit. This enables Sebokeng Fuels to conduct both primary and secondary transport on behalf of Shell South Africa. This achievement signifies that Sebokeng Fuels is an industry leader in the South African fuel industry from a health and safety perspective and with regards to overall performance.

Sebokeng Fuels has successfully created a work culture that puts health and safety first each and every day. We have taught our team preventative and proactive initiatives and regularly train our staff to improve their health and safety related behaviour. We have weekly toolbox sessions and training throughout the year at focused health and safety themed days. As such, this “safety comes first” culture is embedded within the team.

Sebokeng Fuels maintains its high levels of health and safety by living out the commitment to health and safety everyday – it’s about stopping an incident from occurring, and not reacting to an accident once it’s already happened.

5.1) Safety and our Drivers

Drivers are no longer employed to simply drive a vehicle and do a delivery. Today, drivers transporting hazardous materials need to be advanced professionals. A driver of Sebokeng Fuels needs to be a competent driver, a safety officer, a fire fighter, a first aider and a customer specialist.

In addition to the required Hazchem and GDP necessities, every driver also undergoes annual safety training comprising of 7 major modules and attends weekly safety meetings. In-cabin assessments are conducted on a 6 month basis and all drivers are qualified as Basic Fire Fighters and Level 1 First Aiders. Thorough evaluations of each driver take place on a monthly basis. Feedback and training is given to each driver on a one-on-one basis thereafter. This ensures every driver’s specific shortcomings or needs are individually attended too.

We also assess our drivers on a monthly basis with a driver monitoring and development tool. The tool rates all the drivers’ performance against one other. Monthly incentives and an open rating process ensure that each driver is motivated to achieve and maintain the highest ratings possible.

5.2) Safety and our Customers

Sebokeng Fuels offers assistance to ensure that the safety standards at your site are compliant and the best they can be. As such, we kick off our relationship with every new customer with a site inspection by our health and safety specialist to ensure that your site is compliant and ready for delivery. We will assist you with any changes required, or to implement any recommendations that you wish to follow. Once your site has met the necessary safety requirements, we proceed with the delivery.

Sebokeng Fuels is always only a phone call away should any of our customers be experiencing any difficulties or have any concerns relating to health and safety. We will gladly send out a team to assist you and ensure that the problem or concern is timelessly handled.

5.3) Safety and Our Fleet

Sebokeng Fuels is proudly the owner of our own fleet of Scania vehicles, ensuring that no subcontractor is ever required to deliver to your site. This means that our health and safety standards are never compromised. Every vehicle in the fleet not only complies with the South African National Standards (SANS) for the transport of hazardous materials by road but exceeds them.

Every vehicle in the Sebokeng Fuels fleet complies with stringent European ADR (Agreement for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road) standards. Furthermore, they also comply with the highest Flammable Liquid Specifications with regards to their disc brakes, electronic stability programs, advanced emergency braking activation, lane departure warnings and following distance control. Pressure relief vales on all the vehicles ensure that in the unlikely event of a fire, the tankers will not explode and one can rest assured that the blaze can be tackled without fears of further complications in this regard. The vehicles are also equipped with industry specific differential lock systems, enabling the vehicles to handle any type of terrain.

Health and safety is of primary importance to Sebokeng Fuels and we pride ourselves in making decisions that put the health and safety of our customers, staff, depots and fleet first every day.

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